Leadership Decision Fatigue: What It Is and How to Avoid It

Sep 26, 2022

Ever felt like you were avoiding making a decision? Would rather make no decision, then make the decision? Leaders are constantly making decisions. Decisions around direction, people, risks, financial, etc. Each decision you make back to back increases the risk of making a bad decision. It can quickly reach the point that you’ll actually avoid making decisions once a certain threshold is reached. There are only so many good decisions you can make each day.

Decision fatigue also leads to impulse spending. Self-regulation also suffers during decision fatigue. There’s a reason why you’re more likely to eat unhealthy food or do something else detrimental to your well-being at night.

Have you ever noticed that many powerful and successful people tend to make poor decisions at night? These self-destructive decisions often come after a long day of making important decisions at work.

Use these strategies to avoid decision fatigue and make wise decisions:

1. Make...

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Do You Have These Ingredients To Be A Leader?

Sep 21, 2022

There is a great debate that goes on and on about are great leaders born or made? I happen to not engage in the debate and lean more to let's just "see what happens." The job is the only way to know for sure. I have coached, mentored, promoted, and hired many leaders. I have also seen many fail, quit, and even fired a bunch. I have also seen uncut gems of people excel in ways i would have never predicted. What I have learned, previously successful individuals with the following 10 traits seems to be a set of success predictors. Then the job and your team will determine the rest. 

It’s not easy to be a great leader. Leadership requires a unique set of skills and personality traits. Few people are born great leaders, but everyone can maximize their leadership skills and qualities.

Many of us want to be better leaders, but don’t know where to start. There are many great books on leadership skills, but the effectiveness of skills is limited without the proper...

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Let My Story Of Conflict Help You Be A Better Leader

Sep 19, 2022

I remember the first time I lost my cool as a leader. I actually raised my voice out of frustration to a team member. Was a new leader with tremendous responsibility and managing several critical business issues through my team. Pressure from my leadership and external customers felt overwhelming. My team was having conflict internally and with our customer. When I lost control and actually had an out of body experience seeing myself out of control, I immediately realized it was all avoidable. I had not been prepared or even took on accountability to prepare myself for conflict as a new leader. I had coached others on this topic, but did not internalize it myself. Let me help you not make my mistake.

Strained relationships between employees and executives cause up to 80% of workplace conflict, according to a study by the Virginia Department of Human Resource Management. As a leader, you play a major role in helping your team to work smoothly together.

Teams usually bring...

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Leadership Skills: Are you about to scream? How to Manage Through Dissent and Disobedience

Sep 12, 2022

Are you about ready to scream at the top of your lungs about team members that are wonderful "push backers"? But it has gotten out of hand. Lets talk.

Unless you’re a low-key despot, chances are that you don’t enjoy telling others what to do or reprimanding them. You probably don’t like being called out yourself and you might even question your right to tell anyone else what they’re doing wrong.

Kudos to you if you feel that way! You have what it takes to be a good leader! It’s the power-mad despots that make for terrible leaders and who eventually tend to come unglued.

But while it’s not a good thing to take pleasure in enforcing your will, it’s also not useful to bury your head and pretend that everyone can just get along nicely. That’s not how the world works, unfortunately.

The truth of the matter is that authority invites challenge. When you place yourself in a position of authority, others will be naturally encouraged to...

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Your Feedback = Your Team's Results

Sep 08, 2022

Feedback is one of the most valuable things a business leader can give. To underestimate the impact of a leader's process or ability to give feedback is a weakness. Continuous feedback is a minimum expectation in most cultures today. We train and coach on this right up front for Sr Executives and new leaders. Everyone's ability to give feedback can always be improved.

Constructive feedback in the workplace helps us to understand what we’re doing right and where we need to improve. When feedback is positive, it acts as a source of inspiration and motivation.

We get the reassurance of knowing that we’re taking the right steps towards success.

When feedback is negative, it can be worrisome initially, but it’s also a fantastic opportunity for growth. Negative feedback, when given effectively, shows us the things that we need to work on in a supportive, and insightful way. It means we can become better at what we do in the long-term.

Learn more about why you might want...

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How to Give Negative Feedback in a Positive Way

Aug 25, 2022

We all have that manager or leader that just stinks at giving negative feedback or waits until the yearly performance review to give it all at once. We train leaders to be giving constant feedback as a habit and culture within their team and company. The more it is given it just becomes feedback and not negative or positive as a label. With that in mind, there is still a way to posture and communicate well negative feedback. 

Negative feedback – it’s never something you look forward to giving as a leader.
However, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t give it. Although it’s difficult to say negative things about your employees’ work, it’s worth remembering that your staff can only thrive if you give them direction.

Negative feedback is a method of giving your team members the tools they need to improve and get better at their jobs.

According to one study, 83% of employees say they appreciate both positive and negative feedback.

So, how do you...

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A Foolproof Formula for Boosting Your Team’s Motivation

Aug 23, 2022

Yes motivation is your job as a leader. Many leaders I have coached, trained, and lead struggle with motivation. We become so focused on getting the work done, we fail to zoom out to see how we are doing the work that is getting done. Is the work sustainable and bringing out the best in the team? 

As a manager, your job will be easier if you know how to motivate your team. Employees who care about their work will be more resilient, innovative, and productive.

However, you may have a long way to go. According to the latest Gallup report, 51% of employees are disengaged in the workplace and 13% are actively disengaged.

The challenge may be even greater when you add in the new demands of remote and hybrid teams. The Harvard Business Review cites a study that found motivation dropped 17% when employees had no choice in shifting to working at home.

What can you do to inspire more positivity, and keep discouragement from spreading?

Try this proven formula for boosting your...

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The Modern Rules for Using Humor as a Leadership Tool

Aug 22, 2022

Before we go further. Number one rule I use with my leaders when it comes to humor. If you have to ask if it is appropriate, you have your answer. OK, now that we have that established, we can continue.

What qualities do you look for in a leader? You’d probably expect them to be powerful, charismatic, and decisive. However, you might overlook the value of being funny.

Research shows that humor has many benefits in the workplace, including drawing team members closer together, reducing stress, and increasing productivity.

The truth is most employees need a little cheering up. While the average four-year-old laughs about 300 times a day, they're down to three chuckles by the time they turn 40.

On the other hand, there are limits. You know you’ve gone too far if you make someone cry or you choose Michael Scott for your role model.

Effective leaders know how to use humor to their advantage. Join their ranks by studying these tips for remaining professional while you tap into...

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Dealing With Rejection During Your Job Search

Aug 12, 2022

 These days, you may encounter many rejections during your job search. Regardless of the number of openings being promoted and in the media it takes time to find the next role. Every opportunity you have gotten in the past was through a path of many "Nos"...many rejections. The key is to take each rejection and put it back into your process of moving forward.

Thought it was a good time to share some insights we have on rejection in the job search process.

First...Take care of your personal wellbeing and keep your hunt on track by following these tips.

Steps to Take for Your Personal Wellbeing

  1. Face your feelings. Getting turned down may trigger difficult emotions such as anger or anxiety. Figure out what troubles you most. It might be mainly economic pressures or doubts about your abilities. This will guide you to the individual solutions you need.
  2. Seek support. Talk to other jobseekers. You may wind up exchanging valuable leads while you help each other feel better. Let family...
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5 Ways for Leaders to Inspire Their Team

Aug 11, 2022

In my 26 years of experience, I have had leaders that inspired and others that simply direct (boss). There’s a big difference between being a boss and being a leader. Anyone can be a boss, responsible for guiding their team and assigning tasks to different members of staff. But it takes something special to be a true leader.

A genuine leader inspires their team and motivates them to accomplish amazing things.

Effective leaders get to know their employees, so they can understand their strengths and weaknesses. This allows for effective delegation and increases the chances of each employee achieving personal and professional goals with the assistance of that leader.

If you’re working to become a more effective leader for your team, the key to success begins with inspiration. Here are some ways that you can motivate and inspire your people.

1. Set Clear Targets

Employees need to know what they’re working towards to ensure that they’re on the right path. As...

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