Addiction is not the end.

Recovery can be THRIVING.

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It is difficult to figure out what is next during recovery. THRIVE is a 6 week continuing recovery program to coach towards that next step in continuing recovery. THRIVE is not therapy, instead coaching for direction and purpose with planning. Recovery is a new beginning. The best way to take advantage of this new beginning is to figure out your aim in life. We have designed a Continuing Recovery Coaching program combining ONLINE Certified High Performance Coaching lead curriculum and In Person Workshops lead by THRIVE trained Leaders. The best way to predict success in life and professionally is to have CLARITY. Setting a DIRECTION. Then EXECUTING consistently. THRIVE provides all three. No matter where you are starting in your new beginning.

Is THRIVE Right for You?

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When someone joins a THRIVE 6-week Continuing Recovery Coaching Program, the goal is help break through any barriers that stop someone from reaching their highest potential and performance. THRIVE helps find ways to step into the best or highest self—the person someone knows they can and want to be.

A THRIVE participant moves forward toward their goals and dreams faster than they thought possible. Moving past FEAR, lack of confidence, and feeling overwhelmed. As well as ensuring the creation of a stable foundation financially, personally, and in relationships. Participants will feel inspired to take positive and meaningful action every day. This allows participants to live fully personally and professionally.

Continuing Recovery does not have to be just getting by. Take this step into a research-driven, results-oriented coaching curriculum that has helped CEOs, actors, musicians, Olympic athletes, and more...


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What A Participant in THRIVE Gain?

The sessions cover 6 Certified High Performance Habit topics that help reach heightened and sustained levels of performance and potential in life. Combine that with coaching in a 6 part Personal Strategic Planning process to gain CLARITY. Set a new DIRECTION. And EXECUTE that plan consistently.

FOCAL POINTS - High Performance Habit Online
  • The goal of this session is to discover where you currently focus your attention, what level of agency or control you currently feel in your life, and what habits help you perform at your highest level and which ones hinder you from reaching high performance.
VISION CASTING - Personal Strategic Planning Online and Live
  • Any journey worth taking requires a starting point and a destination in mind. In this session we will work on developing your vision.  The world can only align to you if you can tell it what you are aiming for.
CLARITY - High Performance Habit Online
  • The goal of this session is to understand where you have strengths and gaps in the amount of clarity you experience in  life. We work to create a clear vision of your best self. To do so, we define who you want to be, how you want to interact with others, and what life principles and practices will make you most successful. This gives you immediate, behavioral-driven clarity and intentionality so you move forward more quickly.

MOTIVATIONAL VALUES - Personal Strategic Planning Online and Live

  • Once someone develops a vision and begins to pursue, the world crates friction and obstacles. To support the vision, it is critical to understand the motivation behind it. Goal is to determine a person's motivation.
ENERGY - High Performance Habit Online
  • In this session our goal is to understand how much energy you have each day and how to amplify it to higher levels so you have the vibrancy and stamina needed to achieve your goals and live a fully charged life. We strive to find ways for you to gain immediate improvements in the energy you feel and generate daily.

GOAL SETTING - Personal Strategic Planning Online and Live

  • Every plan needs goals. The goal in the session si to learn how to set SMART (Specific, Measureable, Attainable, Relative, and Trackable) goals in 90 day increments to move towards the vision.
COURAGE - High Performance Habit Online
  • The goal of this session is to discuss where you feel you’ve been confident and courageous in life and in what situations you might be holding back or backing down. You receive insights and tools to help you gain confidence, decisiveness, and momentum.

KEY METRICS - Personal Strategic Planning Online and Live

  • Goals need measurements. What gets measured gets done in life. The goal of this session is to assign measurement to the goals to track progress.
PRODUCTIVITY - High Performance Habit Online
  • The goal of this session is to see how productive and effective you feel in life and work and to give you a set of tools and concepts to help you quickly and easily improve those areas. The focus is on helping you immediately become more effective and productive every day.

GROWTH and TIME BLOCKING - Personal Strategic Planning Online and Live

  • Any good plan requires productivity hacks and an opportunity to go after new skills and learning. Goal is to learn how Time Block for productivity and identify new skills and learning.
INFLUENCE - High Performance Habit Online
  • The goal of this session is to gauge how influential you’ve felt in your relationships and career. You'll receive a few tools and learn concepts that will raise your level of action and immediately help you become more influential in your relationships and career.

PEOPLE and ATTRACTION MINDSET - Personal Strategic Planning Online and Live

  • The largest error most make in setting themselves up for success is not having the right people in place to help make the plan a success. The goal is to identify the people needed to come along side the Personal Strategic Plan to ensure success.

Launch THRIVE as part of your Addiction Recovery Offerings. What is included:

1. Certified High Perfromance Coaching for Clarity, Courage, Energy, Productivity and Influence. ONLINE Delivery.

2. THRIVE Continuing Recovery Personal Strategic Planning online courses and we Train your staff to lead the live group THRIVE workshops.

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Certified High Perfromance coaching topics are Lead by Robert Barber, CHPC online.



-Robert Lee Barber

The perfect culmination of Fortune 100 Exec experience and training, Business owner, Author, Father, Husband, and more to be your professional speaker on several business topics, coach and develop, author excellent material, and personal development topics. I have lived it. Not just read about business and personal development. Have been at the mountain top and in the deepest valley of survival.

Most recently as an operating principle for our Luxury Residential and Commercial Investment teams - an Affiliate of Christie's International Real Estate, I strive to ensure my clients receive premier real estate consulting, strategizing and marketing from the moment they walk in the door.

I came to real estate from a decade long career with Florida Power & Light, Inc where I held many positions of increasing responsibility during my tenure. When I decided to leave FPL to pursue a career in real estate, I was Director of Human Resources with responsibility for over 1000 employees in 26 states.

Since entering real estate in 2006, I have completed several commercial and residential transactions totaling more than $Hundreds of million dollars and gained the designation of CCIM. During that time, I also help build the firm into the leading full service real estate company with $917mm. In 2019 sales and the number one auction company in Florida. With over a decade of experience with Fortune 150 corporations overseeing HR in 26 states for 4000 employees, I am confident in my ability to deliver the highest level of service to my clients in many areas.

Connect with me if:
Grow your business and personal development.

What Makes High Performance Coaching Different?

A few things make Certified High Performance Coaching different from other types of coaching.
Most coaching programs have no curriculum and, therefore, little hope of value.
Certified High Performance Coaching uses a proven, results-oriented, research-based curriculum; therefore, value is built into the program.
Most other coaching programs offer unclear outcomes.
Certified High Performance Coaching offers a clear outcome—high performance.
Most other coaching programs are listening based.
Certified High Performance Coaching is challenge based.
Most other coaching programs are client driven.
Certified High Performance Coaching is curriculum driven; each session includes training and education as well as coaching directed at achiving a specific goal.

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Answers to Common Questions about
Certified High Performance Coaching

What is high performance? Certified High Performance Coaching is a form of personal development or growth that is super effective with just about anyone. It's focused on helping you become the best version of yourself and constantly find a new level of success in every area of life.

What does "high performance" mean? High Performance means developing the behaviors and mindsets that help you succeed beyond standard norms consistently over the long-term while maintaining positive well-being and relationships.

High performance is not about working harder or for more hours. It's not only for those in business or for Olympic athletes...although it helps them in the same ways it helps a new mom, a college student, a CFO, a dancer, or an engineer. In other words, it's for anyone.

What is Certified High Performance Coaching? Certified High Performance Coaching is a science-backed, results-oriented, proven coaching curriculum that focuses on empowering questions, development of supportive habits, creation of success-helpful mindset, and use of specific outcome-based tools to help clients reach their next level of success in all areas of their lives. The program includes 12 core sessions and then progresses on through another 24 sessions. (In late 2019 another 12 sessions will be added to the curriculum.)

Certified High Performance Coaching is nothing like “life coaching,” which is client-driven rather than outcome-driven. That’s one reason why clients report such high levels of satisfaction with Certified High Performance Coaching programs—they get results.

Are most people satisfied with the results they achieve with Certified High Performance Coaching? Yes. In fact, the High Performance Institute—the same organization that certified me as a CHPC—sought proof of such satisfaction and teamed with a third-party company to track 37,603 CHPC sessions in 173 countries delivered by CHPCs. Here's what they discovered: The average client satisfaction rating for Certified High Performance Coaching was 9.6 out of 10—the highest score ever recorded for any multi-month coaching program.

Is there data to prove that Certified High Performance Coaching provides specific results? Yes. Brendon Burchard, the High Performance Institute researchers and graduates from the Master of Applied Positive Psychology (MAPP) program at the University of Pennsylvania developed a scale, called the High Performance Indicator (HPI), to measure the factors that matter most in predicting individual high performance as defined as long-term success. Based on research and proven performance improvement methods, the HPI is the world's first validated assessment on high performance created and backed by a high performance coach (Burchard) with over a decade in the field.

The HPI, the largest and most comprehensive high performance study ever conducted, analyzed over 100 human performance variables in six key categories proven to relate to a person’s long-term success potential. The researchers found that: The HPI has proven to strongly correlate with external measures of success (sales performance, academic GPA performance, executive promotion odds, business unit financial success) AND important life outcomes like happiness, health, positive relationships, and confidence.

There's more to the science of Certified High Performance Coaching. A report was published on May 15 that offers much more information on the HPI. Remember, this assessment measures the habits that lead to long-term success across domains, and it's comprised of six subscales that separately measure clarity, energy, necessity, productivity, influence, and courage.

The two studies with a total of 174,054 participants, showed that the HPI was predictive of several important life outcomes:

  • happiness
  • confidence
  • education level
  • perceived excellence
  • life satisfaction
  • quality of interpersonal relationships
  • work quality
  • career impact
  • income

Indeed, high performance is about leveling up EVERY area of your life. And Certified High Performance Coaching affects each life arena for just about any type of person.

I've seen this with my clients. They may be writers, for instance, that want to become more productive. After a few Certified High Performance Coaching sessions, however, they are exercising regularly, decluttering their homes, and spending more time with friends and on hobbies. And they begin writing consistently, which makes them more productive.

My clients who are professional dancers want more confidence. Yet, they end up meditating daily, using a planner to organize their days and reducing the time they spend looking at screens on their phones, computers, and tablets. And...they find themselves moving to the front during daily dance classes and boldly learning and auditioning for parts...and getting them.

The entrepreneurs and business people with whom I work tell me they want to increase their income or bring in more clients. But they end up creating more downtime, revamping their calendars and schedules, and pursuing long-forgotten passions. Plus...they implement new habits at work that make them more effective and plan how to persuade team members and potential clients, which helps them become better leaders land new accounts consistently.


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