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Speaking Topics

Certified High Performance Coaching for Leaders and Teams - Robert Is a Certified High Performance Coach by the High Performance Institute. He speaks on the topics of Clarity, Energy, Influence, Persuasion, and Productivity. .

CEO For Life - From his upcoming book in 2020. Robert speaks about the correlation between being a CEO of an organization and you being the CEO of your life. 

How To Scale You - Robert teaches an interactive workshop about the 4 major tactical strategies on how to scale you for more. 

Start Discover Lead For Teams and Leaders - Robert teaches the process of becoming a leader by using a three phase approach of How to Start, Discovering you, and then leading others.

Real Estate for 2020 - Robert takes his 13 years of real estate experience running teams, coaching, and executing and teaches best practices to having a thriving real estate business. The very same strategies used to generate $917mm in sales in 2018.


For Educators of High School, Technical, and College

These sessions are Free.

So You Want To Be An Entrepreneur - This is a 1-2 HR workshop session that is half the time is spent on the path to entrepreneurship, daily life to success,  and the other half of the time is Q&A.

How To Be A High Performer - 1 Hr Workshop on High Performance habits. We focus on 5 areas of high performance. Students rate themselves in Key areas and then we discuss how to raise their levels of performance. 

Best Selling Amazon Author of

CEO For Life

CEO For Life

Read the Amazon Best Seller. You are the CEO For Life of Your Life. Gain the insight and build your CEO For Life roadmap inside these pages. Available now on Amazon.

Brand Story Believe Published Now

You are a Brand. Get to learn it now. Can be found on Amazon.


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