The Most Important Investment You Will Make is in Yourself.

CEO For Life is that investment in you.

Knowing that we find our identity and foundation in Jesus, we must then take steps to fulfill our purpose. CEO For Life academy is designed to help you determine and fulfill that purpose in a predictable way.

Our Academy offers PURPOSE Coaching in

Changing Careers

Accelerating Current Career

Starting or Scaling a Business

Clarity of Life Purpose


Our clients are Christian Men in the world of Start-ups and Corporate C Suite, Real Estate Professionals, Employee groups, People in transition in their life, NonProfits, and Entrepreneurs. 


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CEO For Life Membership

You will receive monthly leadership and performance knowledge along with a community to apply and change your life.

Never go alone. One of the biggest advantages to give yourself is to pursue your goals with others. CEOs know having a team and good partners is a key to success. Being the CEO For Life also means never going alone after your goals. Get monthly Mastery challenges and live exclusive mastermind. Join The Community of other CEO For Life mastery.

3 Week CEO For Life Kickstart

You will receive 3 courses that will grow your knowledge and sills in leadership, discipline, and execution for everyday.

A 3 week introduction to investing in you as the CEO For Life. Leadership. Execution. Strengths. These three sessions are specifically designed to deliver actionable results around the areas of leadership, success routines and increasing professional strengths. We offer this kickstart for free to begin your journey of being the CEO For Life or re-energize it.

6 Weeks To Achieve Your Goals

You will received 6 courses in achieving highest levels of performance and 6 courses helping you achieve your goals.

6 weeks specifically designed for those seeking to make major moves in life like changing careers, accelerating current career, starting a business or scaling an existing business. In six weeks you will gain proficiency in high performance habits and have an executable plan to go after your dreams.

One on One Coaching

You will receive 12 one on one live coaching sessions with founder, Robert Barber. The sessions will delver life changing habits, performance and goals achievement.

For those ready to go ALL IN on increasing their high Performance Habits and achieving their goals, this is the way. 12 Weeks of one on one expert coaching to higher level of performance and executable plans for your goals. The time is spent being very surgical around high performance habits and achieving a personally designed strategic plan to achieve professional and life results.

Meet Robert Barber, CHPC

Vision: Helping All People Be The CEO For Life


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"As a former Navy SEAL Sniper/Medic, I spent over a decade training, deploying and performing at the highest levels imaginable. When we needed to level up a particular skill set we found the best in that area and learned from them. I've done trauma rotations in Emergency Rooms of some of the most cutting edge medical facilities across the nation. One of the biggest names in Crossfit is the head strength and conditioning coach at our Team gym. I've spent countless hours on my stomach behind the scope of my .300 WinMag applying lessons taught by some of the greatest long range match shooters. 

When I chose to become a small business owner I quickly discovered that I had difficulty taking the tools and skills that I had sharpened over a decade and applying them to business. So I sought out someone who had already accomplished what I wanted to do. Robert was able to show me how to take the High Performance Habits that I had already cultivated and channel them into my business. I am extremely blessed to have such a giving mentor who deeply cares about my success. I am honored to now call Robert one of my closest friends. For anyone looking to level up their business, start a new business, or just be the best version of yourself, Robert has the most important quality in any leader. The Heart of a Servant."

Michael Cross

SEAL Team Three

Defence Intelligence Agency

Small Business Owner


"Rob has been way more than a business coach.  He truly invests in his clients personally and professionally.  There are so many variable for you to not only succeed as the CEO of your company but CEO of your life as well.  He goes through those to enable you to bringing your very best to the table for you team and family every day.  He will push you but ultimately leaves it up to you use and embrace his teachings.  You are the only one that can do it.  You either want it or you don’t.  I honestly would not be where I am today as a person, boss, and leader without the guidance and teaching of Rob.  He helped me turn the ship around completely and now on a continual growth trajectory."      

Trey Nelms

State Farm Franchise Owner

THE FOUNDER'S STORY SUMMARY Loves God, Loves People, Bachelor of Science in Engineering, MBA, Corporate 150 Executive, Serial Entrepreneur $917mm in sales, Author, Speaker, and Family Man.

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